Idols Star Athletic Championship (ISAC)


This program is hosted by MBC 맘카페디비. It unites most Kpop idols to compete in something like the Olympics.
You have your normal track and also field sports, swimming and also basketball. There are likewise various other sports such as archery and acrobatics. For gymnastics, some groups place on “distinct” outfits.

Followers can attend and also support their predispositions. The groups normally prepare lunches for their followers.
Some groups get actually affordable. However much of them sit on the ground and also use the possibility to unwind and socialize. The interactions between idols from various businesses are constantly a unique treat!

However, there are constantly injuries during the competition. Some years, there are also idols that are required to the medical facility. Fans complain that the idols ought to take place on team trips instead of compelling them to put themselves in danger.

Competition/Survival Reveals.

They’re currently popular, yet stars get inability competitors as well. It helps verify their talent to the globe.

Program Me the cash (SMTM): a rap competition – there is constant stress between “idol” rappers as well as “true” rap artists.

Unpretty Rapstar: likewise called the women version of SMTM.

Masked Vocalist: vocalists put on masks to hide their identity – they are just revealed when they are eliminated.

Hit the Stage: a dancing competition where Kpop idolizer dancers work together with experts

Fantastic Duo: followers sing with their biases – the tunes are formally launched as singles.

Various Idols Other TV Reveals.

Ask in a Box: a short however entertaining Q&A based program.

Showtime: each period features a various team as well as shows their everyday lives

One Fine Day: idols go on holiday yet have to finish goals.

Celebrity Brother’s: 2 celebrities go on good friend dates

Immortal Track: musicians execute performances of old classics.

Law of the Jungle: celebrities and also idols try to endure in the wild

Actual Men: celebrities and idols attempt to make it through in the military.